Volunteers and Internships

Monroe Hospital is happy to welcome volunteers and interns to our organization. Below is a list of areas we currently utilize volunteers:

  • Guest Services. As part of our guest services department, volunteers will welcome patients and visitors to our facility. They will show families of surgery patients to our consultation room or recovery. They will visit with patients and offer them reading materials.
  • Nursing. We welcome nursing students from area universities and colleges to work with our nursing staff to develop and grow their skills. Nursing students can work in the areas of Medical/Surgical, Emergency Department, Operating Room and Intensive Care.
  • Health Information Management. Monroe Hospital will work with students and volunteers to broaden their knowledge of HIPAA rules and regulations. This is done by shadowing our staff in Health Information and learning the different functions of the department.
  • Emergency Medical Services. We are glad to work with EMS students to provide them hands on experience both on our ambulance and in our Emergency Department.
  • Diagnostic Imaging. Monroe Hospital works with X-Ray, MRI, CT, Ultrasound and Mammography students to help develop their skills before graduating.
  • Diagnostic Testing. We welcome students to work with our Laboratory staff to develop their skills and to learn how our Laboratory functions.
  • Dietetics. Students wanting to learn more about dietetics can shadow our Dietitian in our facility to visit with patients to coach them on diabetes and wellness.