Patient Experiences


Three weeks ago my son went to another local hospital ER complaining of urinating blood that felt like razorblades. He was eventually seen, told he had a kidney infection and given an antibiotic and a pain pill. The next morning a fellow employee saw him convulsing on the security screen at his work and rushed him back to the same ER. After a very lengthy wait, the doctor said he was sure it was not a seizure because he had no history of them and there was absolutely no way it could have been a reaction to the meds given. He was instructed to go home and continue on the meds which he did. That evening I rushed him back to, unfortunately, the same ER with red spots all over him including inside his mouth and on his tongue. After another lengthy wait, we gave up and thankfully went to Monroe Hospital. The service was prompt, courteous and most importantly, very professional. He was in front of a doctor within 10 minutes of arrival who assessed that his condition had to be one of three possibilities, all of which were serious and/or life threatening. It was definitely a reaction to the antibiotic given at the first hospital. Two nurses were instantly drawing blood and running tests. Within a very few minutes, we were told his condition and that he needed to be with a group of specialists immediately. The doctor told us if it wasn’t so windy, he would be on a chopper to Indianapolis, but would have to go by ambulance. My son spent several days in critical care at Methodist hospital where he received the care needed and made a full recovery. If it had not been for the competence and speed of the staff of the Monroe Hospital ER, I don’t believe my son would be with us today. Not only do you have my eternal gratitude, but my family’s future health care as well.

" Dr. Roy did heart cath on my husband Dec. 20, 2017 he did a wonderful job. He makes sure I understand everything thats going on. We think he is Great."

"Matt T. in imaging was Fantastic! This is the best facility in town !."

"We were referred by Drs. Gabrielsen and Roy. What an awesome hospital environment and staff. From the moment you walk in you are family. We live 2 towns away but so worth the drive. No whee else we would go! Thanks so much to all!"

"All the staff took great care of my husband... Thank you Bunches."

"I really like Monroe Hospital. The people have always been very nice and friendly. Customer Service is great. I have had several operations here so I would know. The nurses have always been very nice and the food is usually good. What I appreciate the most is the lab. I am very hard to stick and draw blood. They have always been very good and fast."

"My experience was positive. Amber went the extra mile to make sure the order was as intended. Nicholas drew my blood and I couldn't feel a thing. Very professional and efficient. Thank you."

"I just wanted to let it be known how pleased I was in how the staff reacted and dealt with answering my questions. Although I didn't get the answers I wanted, I was thankful to be treated decent. Thanks."

"Dr. Roy and his staff are top flight caregivers, reaching all aspects of my particular medical needs. I find Dr. Roy to be very gentle in his approach when speaking with me. His desire for myself, is fullness / wellness mental and physical working together to heal and protect the mind and body. I would recommend Dr. Roy to any of my friends / family for medical care."

"Called the lab this morning and Brandi was so helpful in giving information. At the lab they were friendly efficient and thorough. I gave them a 10 on a scale of 10 in terms of representing Monroe Hospital. Brandi and Jennifer."

" This rocks! Way better than BLOOMINGTONHOSPITAL, I'll say that even before I signed in. Kevin helped me out, even charging my phone, it's dead, but I'm not yet. I'm sayin' 5 + stars."

"Monroe Hospital has their ducks in a row--extremely organized. I never have to wait long to see someone for a procedure."

"Came to Monroe Hospital for some lab work and an ultrasound of my thyroid. The front desk are very efficient and Kristy pleasant. I got registered quickly had my lab work drawn quickly very easy and nice in the lab - went to schedule my u/s was able to have done right away. Thanks to registration and Merenda in Radiology. Thank you. (now I went to get a coke in the cafeteria-Nice there too!"

"Very pleasant and no wait time."

"My boyfriend was admitted for a personal reason. The staff is amazing! We love this hospital, We'll try to use this one as often as we can."

"As usual everyone was very good to me."

"Very ncie staff and competant, no long waiting. Very competant ER. Easy in and out parking."

"Wonderful Hospital!! Awesome staff and doctors."

Yesterday, 4/21/17,was a first experience with the Monroe Hospital. It was very pleasant, prompt and caring. We saw Dr. Bergour and Nurse "Bill". We could not have asked for better service. The reason for coming to hospital my wife has shingles and much pain. Thanks so much for the excellent service."

"She was great help. The lady who needed (CD) was in car and could not walk. Cathy went to the car to verify person needing information and then let me do the running. Great people here. Thanks so much."

"Received excellent care from my nurse Shanna. Thank you so much for making my visit a pleasant one."

"Kellie and Ben are both awesome...patient, efficient, kind and compassionate employees!!"

"Megan and Leila are two of the best nurses I have ever come across."

"Barb at the check-in is a fantastic person. My Nurse Practitioner Kathryn was very knowledgeable and fun. Answered all my questions. Lovely people working at this place. Would totally come back."

"Was greeted immediately. Check-In for new patient was easy. Staff very nice. Place looks amazing, very relaxed and comfortable. Doctor Porvaznik very good doctor. Takes his time and listens to your needs and refers you to get problems fixed. Front office staff amazing."

"Very Friendly! Quick appointment. Staff knew their jobs and were VERY Good at it! Wonderful!!"

"In the ER with a young child - new in town - was told to come to Monroe ER and to avoid Bloomington ER. EVERYONE was so very kind and concerned and very respectful. ER was exceptionally clean. Quick to get us back to a Dr. Very thorough. Diagnosed ear infection. So very kind and gentle. God Bless you all!! I am a Grandmother of a very sick little boy!!

"Running late trying to get home before ice storm on an empty stomach the dining room was closed but they cheerfully made me a nice to go meal before my blood sugar got out of control. Wonderful people. A great little cafe."

"Having had a bad experience with the repair of hemorrhoids once before, Dr. Gabrielsen has made me feel confident in his ability to heal me. Has a great attitude and presents himself as a caring doctor which is not always the case with doctors. I would and am his number one fan and would recommend him to all."

"Staff is friendly and always has a great attitude. I am made to feel welcome and not a bother every time I call or have an appointment. I would highly recommend this office for any and all patients."

"Mark in Imaging was wonderful working with a frightened Chinese student. I an coming to this hospital from now on!"

"Everyone here does a very good job."

"Made my stay very awesome, would recommend this hospital to anyone."

"Great. Fast at helping my problem. Good stuff!!"

"My son was admitted from school around 8:30 am. Everything was speedy and pleasant. Each step was described in detail. We left at 10 am. Speedy, fast, detailed and very pleasant experience."

"You have an option, I highly recommend Monroe Hospital. I never felt as if this were a business transaction. The nursing staff were very professional and caring."

"My stay at Monroe Hospital was the greatest. The nurses and aides were super nice and treated me with respect. So I just wanted to thank all the staff for making my stay so pleasant. Thank you."

"Thank you very much for the good care and caring. May the Lord be with you and family."

"Those are the best doctors and nurses. They really care for their patients, they take their time for you and your health. I will never go to another. Chris Lambert, NP is nice. I can't express enough how wonderful he is and the nurses. If you need a doctor, this is the place. I love all my nurses and doctors."

"A patient across from my room became agitated and vocal towards one of the nurses named Bill. Not only did Bill continue to remain very professional to the patient, but he also showed compassion and understanding for the patient. I was lucky to witness one amazing nurse today."

“I went to Monroe Hospital and Linda Noble and Jamie Bechtel checked me in. They were very professional and kept me informed about how much longer they thought I would be. They showed me compassion and understanding… Chris King was my nurse and his professionalism and compassion were what I needed as I was in extreme pain… I also had to have lab work done and Jennifer Wells was the lab tech. She was awesome, professional, and kind. Thank God this area has these wonderful people working at this terrific and much-needed hospital.”

I was really sick from the anesthesia and Mary Yates was so kind. She gave me small pieces of ice and some very kind words – something I will never forget.”

“From my first pre-op orientation until the moment I was wheeled out to our car to go home, I was treated so VERY kindly & expertly. Those who stood out were the receptionists and office folks, Missy Washel who explained things well to me pre-op, Bill Mulryan who took me back to surgery, and Robin Adams who started my IV…of course, Dr. Jesseph and my dear Dr. Murphy…Joni Hardwick… all in surgery and recovery, floor nursesDonna Bare, Blair Baker, Jennifer Steele, Jamie Parkes, and Mandy Perkins who brought me coffee… aidesAmanda Garcia, Tabatha Oliver, Heather Burton, physical therapist Renae Cartwright and Shirley JohnsonNorma Draves who drew my blood, housekeeping, kitchen staff...I could probably go on and on!! So MANY different people who were professional but yet so friendly.”

“I recently was not feeling well and stopped in [at MPC Landmark] and not knowing I was to have an appointment, the staff got me in and Nurse Michele Scott and Dr. Spence took great care of me and there was a lot of concern and care given to me… The whole staff was excellent and it was as good as could be for help when sick. Thank you to the whole staff.”

“I brought my husband to Monroe Hospital… all the Monroe Hospital employees were very nice and courteous. We really appreciated all that Melissa McMillan, RN, did for us!!! Dr. Powers was very helpful also. We are so glad that there is a hospital we can go to that we trust! Keep up the good work!”

I was very well pleased with the cleanliness of the hospital and with the politeness and helpfulness of the staff.”

“It was so much fun [shadowing a surgeon]. Jenn Richards was so sweet and she made it easy to get in and see everything. All of the nurses and staff were friendly and really accommodating, even the anesthesiologist and surgeon were awesome!”

“Everyone was great [during my stay]. Dave Conder was so kind trying to get my IV in… the young lady, Raven Hyneman in the X-Ray was so polite. Thanks!”

“I was attended to quickly during my visit to pay a bill. Mary Leopold handled my billing concerns efficiently, and followed up with a phone call to make sure everything was squared away properly.”

“I was seen in the ED… the EMT James Howell and the nurse Cindy Hewitt and Dr. Rosales were wonderful to me. I really appreciate everything they did. I was really hurting… they were very thorough and very helpful. I just wanted to say thank you.”

“Monroe Hospital’s staff is #1. All nurses, CNA, cafeteria, custodial, medical records, respiratory, laboratory, and clerical staff were ALL professional, caring, efficient, and ABOVE ALL worked as a team to meet all my needs. I recommend Monroe Hospital to EVERYONE I know. God bless you all and thanks.”

" I highly recommend Dr. Gabrielsen and the staff from the Wound Healing Center and Hyperbaric Medicine. They are wonderful."